Monday, January 1, 2018

Traveling To The UK - A Look Back In 2007

I thought I would share my first real travel experience something I had always dreamed of doing. I have been so lucky these last ten years with my travels and have had the pleasure of seeing several countries, where I have shared some on my travel tab. I graduated college in May 2007, started working a week later, and in November of the same year I booked my first overseas trip. I booked the trip through Globus, the same company I used for my Greece trip I shared on the blog awhile back, which you can read here

Below you can see the trip itinerary I took, called the Britain Sampler, everything looks to be the same for the exception of the Cambridge stop. Just like the title suggests it was a sample of some of the best places that the UK has to offer. I loved the experience and I couldn't have asked for a better first travel trip. I chose this trip because as my first trip I didn't want to have too much of a cultural shock and I wanted a taste of a country to see what places I would love to go back and visit without it being too overwhelming. I also chose November because I knew it wasn't a peak time so there would be less crowds and I could use my limited vacation days at the time with holidays. 

I arrived and ended the trip in London, which had so much to offer that there was no way I was seeing everything in two days. Luckily I got a chance to go back in 2010 to see more. I walked all over the streets as soon as I arrived in London and honestly felt so adventurous because I had never gone to a "foreign" place by myself before. My favorite stop had to be the Lake District, which the pictures below are so beautiful of fogged covered mountains. I wish I had a house there to escape and take in all of that fresh air.  A close second was Bath because I am a huge Jane Austen fan. Overall I highly recommend this trip if it is your first travel experience and/or hesitant about going on a trip by yourself. Enjoy the photos. 

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